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Academin Year 2020-21

Autumn Celebration Lunch Menu

Academic Year 2019-20

Holiday Home Learning Grids – All Things Bright and Beautiful, Magic! The Circus, Heroes, Nature, Ice Cream

Final letter from Mrs Ferretti 17.07.2020

Proposed Plans for September Full Opening. 10.07.20

Final Report Letter (also attached to email) 08.07.2020

Class Teachers for September 2020 16.06.2020

Wider Opening for Nursery, Reception and Year 1 from Monday 8th June. 29.05.2020

Letter to Parents re Postponement of Opening 21/05/2020 

Reopening Model for Parents 20.05.2020

Letter Prior to Sunday’s Lockdown Announcement 07.05.2020

NSPCC Covid Fact Sheet for Parents April 2020

Science Home Learning Newsletter

Summer Term Week 2 Childcare Provision w/c 27.04.2020. 22/04/2020

Summer Term Childcare Provision w/c 20.04.2020. 09/04/2020

Easter Provision for Key Worker Children 31/03/2020

Key Worker Childcare Provision Week 2 25.03.2020

School Closure Home Learning Reminder 22.03.2020

School Closure Free School Meals 20.03.20

Childcare Provision Offer Information for identified children 20.03.2020

Key worker letter 19.03.2020

School Closure Update 18.03.2020

Coronavirus Update 18.03.2020

Information re: arrangements in the event of a school closure due to Coronavirus 17.03.2020

Coronavirus Update 16.03.2020

Coronavirus Update 13.03.2020

Coronavirus Update 10.03.20

Book Fair Letter March 2020

Coronavirus Helpline March 2020

Coronavirus Advice to Parents 27/02/2020

School Lunches February 2020

Multi Skills Club Years 2/3/4

Donations of non-fiction reading magazines

Theatre Company Club letter Years 2/3/4 Feb 20

Year 2/3/4 Multi Skills Club Dec 19

KS2 Christmas Parties Dec 19

Early Years and KS1 Christmas Parties Dec 19

Parent helpers letter Dec 2019

Christmas Lunch letter Dec 2019

Christmas Charity Schemes Nov 2019

Last day of term information – Club / assemblies November 2019

Christmas Performances November 2019

Online Safety Parent Awareness – Roblox November 2019

PFA Christmas Decoration Competition 

Numbots Subscription November 2019

PFA Non-uniform day 8th November 2019

PFA Match Funding November 2019

Reception to Year 4 Bonfire Lunch October 2019 

Multi Faith Day October 2019

Club El Cactus Letter October 2019

Harvest Assembly Songs Words October 2019

Behaviour Workshop for Parents October 2019

Year 4 Parents Evening October 2019

Reception to Year 3 Parents Evening October 2019

Nursery Parents Evening October 2019

Numbots Trial October 2019

60th Anniversary Celebrations Parents Invited October 2019

Education City 2019

Grandparent’s Day 2019

Autumn Celebration Lunch 2019

60th Anniversary Celebrations September 2019

Homework Letter 9th September 2019

World Mental Health Day 2019