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OFSTED & Performance


It is with great pleasure that our Ofsted Inspection Report which took place on 28th & 29th November 2023 has now been published.

Inspectors noted that Birches First School ‘does many things well, academic standards and expectations are high, good behaviour is the norm and lessons are full of interesting things to do. Leaders and staff make sure pupils feel valued and support them to succeed in many areas of school life. Pupils like school and find a joy in learning.’

Other highlights include:

  • ‘Leaders know what is going well and where things could be even better.’
  • ‘Leaders and staff keep up with current educational thinking, the impact of this can be seen in the quality of the school’s curriculum design, suitably broad and ambitious. This helps pupils to remember key knowledge.’
  • ‘The early years classrooms provide the children with a super start to school, purposeful play, constructive talk, and warm encouragement.’
  • ‘There is a healthy reading culture, all in all, a lot of reading happens, and most pupils are fluent readers when they move into Key Stage Two.’
  • ‘Informed, hard-working leadership and caring teamwork have created a positive school culture.’
  • ‘Beyond lessons, clubs, trips, and extra activities support learning and pupils’ broader development.’
  • ‘If pupils are upset or worried staff always make time for them, school rules are fair and support pupils to stay safe and respect others. Pupils are kind to one another in class and on the playground.’

Please click here to be linked to our OFSTED report.

DFE School Performance

To view our school’s data dashboard please click here.  Here you can compare the following data sets for our school and where this would see us fit against the national picture.

  • attendance
  • test results
  • school demographic (context) as well as how well the school meets the needs of all learners, alleviating any variation between the achievement of disadvantaged pupils.

To view benchmarking information please click here. Here our performance is evaluated in different ways against financial expenditure.

Ofsted gain a picture of a school by accessing parent feedback on Parent View. This is an online questionnaire which is available for prospective parents to look at, as well as other external bodies.