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Today the Government has launched an online classroom and resource hub. Throughout the week, ‘Oak Academy‘ offers videos of teachers delivering lessons across a range of subjects and across each year group (from Reception).

The Oak National Academy can be accessed by clicking here.

The BBC have also launched their BBC Bitesize materials which you may want to make use of.

These resources can be used alongside our school produced tasks and challenges (planned by our own staff to compliment our own curriculum and knowledge of the children) in whichever way you feel suits you as a family. As Nursery children are not of statutory school age the online there are no Government produced online resources. However, I know our Nursery children (and families) are being kept very busy with Mrs Mogey’s fabulous online learning challenges! Thank you once again to our teaching staff who are working hard to produce such wonderful support for the children’s learning during this time.

Further Guidance for parents

Information, guidance and support for parents and carers of children who are learning at home can be found here. This includes specific advice for parents on how education can continue at home for children aged 2-4, at primary school and with special educational needs and disabilities.