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Good evening
Finally, our gates are working!

The pedestrian lock on the gate will be released Monday – Friday 7.25am – 8.45am. This is to allow parents access onto the site to drop children off for club and to line up to take your child to class in the morning. Please push the gates to open and they will close behind you.

At the end of the day, the pedestrian lock will be released Monday – Friday 2.55pm – 5.15pm. This is to allow parents to enter to collect their children after school and parents who use club can enter the site to come to the main entrance and buzz the intercom for club collection.

If you are visiting school outside of the above hours, please press the ‘bell’ button on the gates and the office staff will be able to allow access onto the site once they have spoken and verified your identity on the camera.

Thank you so much for your patience with this.