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Dear Parents,

It is hard to believe that it has been a year since Boris Johnson announced that schools would be closing their doors on March 20th 2020. How much life has changed in the months since.

Next Tuesday (23rd March) marks the first anniversary of the start of the first national lockdown. This day is to be a day of national reflection, a day to stop and look back on what our country has achieved in its fight against Covid-19 as well as remember and pay our respects to the many lives sadly lost. 

We will be joining in this day of reflection in school by taking part in the national minute silence at 12 o’clock. Every child in school will make a rainbow to take with them to hold on the playground as a symbol of hope. 

In addition to this, children are invited to come to school on this day dressed according to the colours of the rainbow as explained below. If your child does not have an item of clothing in their year group’s colour, please do not worry, they can wear colourful clothes / rainbow colours instead. 

Nursery – Red

Reception – Orange 

Year 1 – Yellow

Year 2 – Green

Year 3 – Blue 

Year 4 – Purple / Pink 

Best wishes

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