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Schools have been asked to share the below message and attached PDF. Please do take the time to read and share on social media to ensure the message gets to all parents.

Our Designated Doctors are concerned (along with other paediatricians around the UK) that in the current COVID pandemic, many families are not receiving the health and social care support they need and are less willing to attend hospital for their children’s health care needs. This may result in higher thresholds before parents and children attend hospital. In some cases, this means they are seeing infants, children and young people later in the course of a health problem, so that some are arriving very sick, or worse, already deceased. The reason for this late attendance is the fear of acquiring COVID in hospital.

We have hastily created the attached CDOP Newsletter. Please distribute and cascade as widely as possible.

Thank you

CDOP Child Death Prevention Newsletter Important Coronavirus Advice for Parents&Carer 2020