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Please see important information from Bradsports (Uniform Supplier):

Bradsports (Uniform Supplier) are now offering a free on-line delivery service, direct to customer homes. This is to enable them to keep all parents and customers safe. Parents will also be able to secure their uniforms early without making immediate payment.

Parents will have an option to pay at the same time as they place their order or, they can order and reserve their uniform early and pay later – this allows parents not to have the financial burden of ordering early. Bradsports will then liaise with parents when they feel comfortable paying before making delivery. This will give time then behind the scenes to guarantee and prepare customers’ orders, payments, delivery and secure buy alprazolam dosage stock.  Bradsports want to avoid orders being placed too late and any issues with stock from suppliers.

This system falls within the government guidelines of social distancing and keeping customers safe, whilst making sure they have their uniform and not incurring any extra costs.

Please ensure you order before the deadline, 30th June with the following additional options:

  • Order now pay later (no financial burden)
  • Free Delivery direct to home
  • Guaranteed Orders


  • The store will be open to take web orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • The store will have a landline open from 10.00 -5.00pm, 5 days of the week
  • There will be a dedicated returns line
  • There is also a dedicated email address:

For more information please visit :