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In the anticipation of lockdown measures being extended, we have been planning the next phase of childcare provision and home learning support for those children at home with the information that is known to us. As we now know, lockdown has been extended for another 3 weeks at least. We very much hope that it will be safe for us to return to school before the end of the academic year. However, if we do, as a staff we believe that our priority for this time needs to be on:

resettling and socialising children;                                                                                                                                                                            reestablishing routines and expectations;                                                                                                                                                            helping children make sense of what this time has been and remaining measures;
supporting those directly affected by bereavement and loss;
preparing children for their next class/new schools and trying to underpin key learning that may have been missed;

as well as having some long awaited socially distanced fun and enjoying the chance to celebrate being reunited as school community!

As a staff we do not think it is appropriate or timely to put children through internal assessments should we return to school during the summer term (these can wait until October 2020) and my wish is for teachers to be very much focused on the children and supporting their learning and well being. Therefore we have decided that it would be inappropriate to complete last minute assessments to inform end of year school reports at that stage.

At Birches, you will be aware that we complete mid-year reports and these were shared with you in February. These reports included judgements on the children’s learning up until that time. As you have recently received this information, teachers are now preparing a ‘summary’ report (a reduced format which will replace the ‘end of year’ report should we return to school before July) – mainly because we feel it is nice to have one as a parent! These reports will be sent via email in due course to advise you as to how your child was getting on and celebrate one or two special achievements and milestones with you. We trust that you will understand our reasons for making this decision and hope you will be pleased to receive your child’s report in the coming weeks. Thank you.