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Dear Parents,

in school we have been taking some time to reorganise and audit our reading scheme to ensure that it best meets the needs of our children.

We have split the scheme into two elements – 

-phonic books to give children the opportunity to practise and apply their developing phonic skills


-reading books to support children’s sight reading and comprehension skills.

Children who are working within phonic phases 2-5 will receive both a phonic book and a reading book each week. Once children have completed phase 5 and have secure phonic skills, they will be issued with a reading book only.

We now need to ensure all our reading books are correctly matched and identify any sections of the reading scheme that may need replenishing. To enable us to complete this we require all children to return their reading books and diaries to school on Friday 27th November. Books will be reissued as soon as possible. 

During the time without reading books, children can access books online at This site has a selection of books which can be accessed for free once parents have registered. 

Many thanks for your ongoing support.

Best wishes

Mrs J Ferretti (English Leader)