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Dear parents,

with Staffordshire moving into Tier 2 from Saturday 31st October, Staffordshire County Council have sent a letter to all school leaders which you can find attached below or by clicking here.

Important information and guidance for parents can also be found here.

Further measures and even a second national lockdown are looking increasingly likely. As a school and community it is as important as ever that we continue to do all we can to help control the spread of the virus and slow the rise in cases.

We are asking all of our families (parents, children and extend family members alike) to be extra vigilant during these challenging times and to promote the following procedures at all times.

  • Follow social distancing procedures at all times whilst on the school site (and in the surrounding areas.) Please follow the signs and markers and do ensure that your child(ren) remain(s) with you at all times. We understand that children are mixing within their bubbles in classes but it is important that adults and children adhere to these rules outside of the classroom.
  • Avoid congregating with parents and children from other households when waiting to come onto the school site or after leaving. We know that some families may be waiting for a second (or third) drop off/collection time due to the staggered starts but we ask that people are mindful of social distancing.
  • Be considerate for the safety of all road users, pedestrians and residents when parking on the roads around school and along Birches Road. We appreciate that with staggered times now being closer together, this means that arrivals will also be closer together. However, please walk or ‘park and stride’ wherever possible and avoid arriving at school too early (not more than 5 minutes before your child’s designated time). Early arrivals would lead to additional people waiting (in cars or on pavements), increasing the volume of people around school and therefore the risk of contact.
  • Continue to promote and follow the government guidance – social distancing, wearing a face mask, regular and thorough hand hygiene, observing the ‘rule of 6 outdoors’ (remembering that people from different households must remain socially distanced) and not mixing with other households indoors. If you or any member of your household displays symptoms all members of the household should self-isolate and a test should be arranged for those with symptoms.
  • Should you need to speak with your child’s class teacher, have any questions or concerns, parents are reminded to please email teachers directly or call the school office. Staff are unable to have conversations on the door at drop-off or collection as part of our risk assessment.

Whilst we do not have the jurisdiction or capacity to enforce this, we are asking that all parents and adults coming onto the school site to drop off and collect consider wearing a face mask to reduce risk.

All visitors entering the school building MUST wear a face covering in line with guidance. We would like to make parents aware that the door to the office reception area will remain locked from next week. Visitors should ring the doorbell to alert the office to their presence. Office staff will then assist with your enquiry and ask you to put on your face mask before entering the entrance area should it be necessary for you to do so.

Please understand that it is not our intention to be obstructive in any way in our arrangements. All actions taken are informed by guidance and made in the very best interests of all members of our school community.

If we all work together to follow the guidance and reduce transmission, hopefully a worsening situation and the introduction of further restrictions can be avoided.

We would like to thank you all for your ongoing support and understanding.

Best wishes.

Staffordshire County Council letter for education leaders – Tier 2.

What parents and carers need to know.