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A polite reminder of the options for parents with more than one child in school.

Drop and collect each child at their own, designated arrival/dismissal time. This means you would follow the one way system to drop / collect one child off first then return to the gate and repeat at your second (or third etc.) child’s time.


Drop and collect your children at the same time. In the morning this means you would drop both/all children off in the morning at the LATEST of your children’s times (the oldest child). At the end of the day you would collect both/all your children at the EARLIEST of your children’s times (the youngest child).

We ask that you please ensure that you notify your children’s class teachers by email if you intend to drop/collect at the same time. This will enable to staff to make arrangements for someone to greet the children in the morning and/or prepare them for hometime and bring them to the door to dismiss at the correct time.
If you have already informed teachers of this arrangement there is no need to email them again.

We also have our ‘Essential Sibling Drop-off / Collection’ for families whose children have 20mins or more apart. This is bookable via our weekly club survey.

Many thanks