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Children’s Day 2019.

The children thoroughly enjoyed all the different activities offered to them as part of National Children’s Day.  It was lovely to have the sunshine for most of the day, followed by a sudden downpour of hailstones! This didn’t stop the children from enjoying the outdoor learning experiences, in fact, it added to them, as children were seen catching large hailstones!

The activities offered to the children included pond dipping, pebble painting with natural objects, gardening, outdoor sketching, bug hunts, orienteering and of course our ‘big den build’.

We had some wonderful volunteers for the day, who supported the children to be the best they can be, think outside the box and embrace new challenges.

The den building was a huge success thanks to some wonderful donations from parents. The large boxes, string, tape, glowsticks and camouflage nets were kindly donated by MoD Stafford and the smaller boxes form a local Stafford based company (Altecnic). We were very fortunate for these resources – thank you.

The winning den was built by Maple House- who won an own clothes day on 4th June. Well done!!!

I hope your child came home after the event ‘buzzing’ about all the different aspects of the day. The children were simply amazing throughout the whole day. It was inspiring to see great teamwork, collaboration, co-operation and enthusiasm for the challenges outdoors.

Well done to all the staff who helped to make the day a success and a huge thank you to all of our volunteers.

Mrs Mogey.

Wig wam dens.

Making big decisons.

When the hail came down!!!

Outdoor sketching.

So proud of their den building


Helping out to get the beds ready for planting.

Pond Dipping

Making Bubbles Nursery

Den Building

Eating out in the fresh air.

Alfresco dining!!!

More den building

Using natural objects for our paintbrush.