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Smartphones, computers and the internet are now such a fundamental part of our lives, that it’s difficult to imagine how we’d function without them. All of our online accounts – from banking to social media – hold personal information that if shared could be used for criminal gain. 

With this in mind, children and young people should have the opportunity to explore why they should keep their personal information secure and the steps they can take to do so.

This week’s family activity sheet includes 8 fun and quick activities created by the National Cyber Security Centre to help families think about how they can be Cyber Aware. You can download the activity sheets from here.

New parent guides: cyber security, privacy & personal information
Alongside the family activity sheet, parents and carers can also access guides on:
Cyber security, including 6 cyber aware tips
Privacy settings and how they should be used
Sharing personal information and how they can help protect their child 

As schools reopen across the UK over the next few weeks, pupils will be dealing with new school rules, routines, classrooms, classmates, teachers and, in some cases, even new schools.

Parent Info’s new articles for parents of primary-aged and secondary-aged children offer simple tips to help make the transition easier.