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Dear parents,

I hope you and your children have coped with the exceptionally hot weather this week and been able to enjoy some time in the sun. In school the children have enjoyed being able to spend more time outdoors – particularly during the mornings before the temperature got too hot. During the afternoons children and staff have remained inside more to try and keep cool!

It continues to make me smile to see the children we have back in school enjoying their days and their learning. It also brings a tinge of sadness however as we miss very much the rest of the children who haven’t yet been able to turn to school. Tomorrow we will be opening up our last bubble and we will be welcoming 15 more children back to school. This means we are now full. If we were to admit any more we would no longer be meeting the guidelines required to ensure children and staff are as safe as possible.

As a staff and in liaison with the other MAT schools, we are beginning to make tentative plans for the new school year in September. This week we will be contacting our new starters who will be joining us in Nursery and Reception to share with them our plans for induction.

Thank you to you all for your patience and understanding this week while we dealt with our website issues. I am very grateful to teachers who emailed the home learning tasks to you all so that you could continue accessing them with your child as you felt best. We are now back up and running and hope that no further issues will occur. I would like to extend a huge thank you to Mr Gough from St Nics who had been assisting me in setting up an alternative, temporary platform to enable us to upload the home learning and share key information. In the end this site wasn’t needed as the issue was fixed but I am very grateful to Mr Gough for his time and help.

As restrictions look set to be relaxed even further in the coming days may I please remind all of our families of the importance of continuing to follow the guidelines. As life begins to return to normal in some ways, it can be easy to forgot how delicate the situation remains. Our actions now can still have a big impact on the fight against the virus and we must all continue to do our part. This will help keep our children and staff safe as well as the wider community.

I hope you have all enjoyed some socially distanced time with families and loved ones this weekend and have a good week.

Stay safe all.

Best wishes,

Mrs Ferretti 🙂