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We had the chance to hold a hissing cockroach.

The hissing cockroach wriggled on our hands.

He was very tickly.

A barn owl came along to say hello to us.

We had to stroke the owl very genlty. His feathers were so soft.

This lizard had a blue tongue!

The lizard’s name was Shelia!!

The lady asked us to be very quiet. The owl could hear everything, even our heartbeats!

This ghekko was spikey to touch.

We were very brave and gentle when we felt them.

This ghekko held onto our hands as he does in the trees, to stop him from falling. It felt funny.

The snake was long and heavy around our shoulders.

The owl was beautiful.

The snake had cold skin.

The lady held this skunks tail carefully so that he wouldn’t spray us with an awful smell.

This ghekko was a fat-tailed ghekko. The lady said he stores his lunch in his tail!!!