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We are challenging you to ‘virtually climb’ one of the Three Peaks in your local area. If you feel adventurous, why not even climb all 3!

We are excited to share this fitness challenge with you, organised by Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent School Games. The aim of the challenge is to keep all family members as active as possible during lockdown. You can challenge yourself to take part individually or in a team with members of your family who you live with. You can walk, jog or cycle (in accordance with current Covid guidance).

During your daily exercise, log how far you travel around your local area (you can use an app, smart watch or Google Earth to measure distances covered). Then colour in the miles you have completed on the record sheet attached. You can create your own chart rather than print if you prefer.

Once you have finished, take a photo of your record sheet and email it to Miss Hulme ( You will then receive a certificate for taking part. Even if you don’t manage to complete the whole challenge, please send in your record sheet so we can celebrate your achievements too. Please return your record sheet by Tuesday 23rd February 2021.

We hope this challenge helps to keep your families active during this lockdown period. Thank you for your continued support.

Three Peaks Challenge Information

Three Peaks Record Sheet