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Dear Parents, 

as is the case for many schools, parking at the beginning and end of the day is an issue around our school. We continue to do all we can to promote safe and considerate parking and driving in the roads around Birches Avenue and Birches Road and greatly appreciate the support of parents in helping to keep our school community safe.

At the moment, due to the staggered start and finish times, demand on the roads around school should be slightly eased. However we do still ask parents walk to school if possible or ‘park and stride’ if walking from home is not an option. 

When it is possible/necessary to park closer to the school gates, please do abide by the parking restrictions that are in place in Birches Avenue and take care not to obstruct resident’s driveways or block pavements. We have recently received several reports of children having to walk in the road due to cars being parked across the pavement as well as residents being prevented from leaving their driveways safely. Sadly, we have also received complaints alleging that a small minority of parents have been verbally abusive to residents over parking problems. This is disappointing to hear as this reflects back on the school. It is our wish for the local residents to feel positive and proud of the school they live close to.

We appeal once again to all parents to park safely and with consideration for all other road users (children, parents and neighbours). 

Many thanks