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If your child requires emergency medication such as an inhaler or an autoinjector to be kept in school you are required to complete a new medication form each year to ensure we have the most up to date information at all times.

This year the following arrangements are in place;

Please either

print and complete the attached Emergency Medication form and bring to the school office with the medication on the morning of Wednesday 2nd September.


come into the school office during the afternoon of Tuesday 1st September (between 1pm and 3pm please) to complete a printed form and hand over your child’s medication.

Ms Spears (our Designated First Aider) will check all returned forms, manage the storage of the medications and notify staff as appropriate.

All forms must be fully completed (even if the information remains the same as previous years) and a separate form completed for each medication to be held in school.

Please note – parents are responsible for updating us if their medication or needs change in any way during the year. Please contact the school office to notify them of any changes if this is the case.

Many thanks and best wishes.

Birches First School Emergency Medication Form 2020