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Well, our first ever Maths Day was certainly a success! Children throughout school had a fantastic day engaging with a range of activities, challenges and problems to solve.

Classes from Reception to Year 4 all took part in a problem solving workshop using soft play shapes. The workshop required great maths skills as well as communication skills and team work.

In Nursery, the children accessed a range of activities through both their continuous provision and adult initiated learning. Following the children’s interests and ideas, among other things the children were measuring and baking, taking part in a dinosaur stomp counting the items they could see and sorting nuts and bolts!

Reception children had lots of fun learning to play dominoes and became very quick at spotting the doubles! A range of activities were set up both indoors and outdoors to challenge the children to think mathematically.

The Year 1 classroom was turned into the ‘Numero Uno Pizza Parlour’ where children explored using coins to pay and give change as well as fractions!

Year 2 have been busy creating a giant pictogram as well as using the iPads to record the similarities and differences between 3-d shapes.

In Year 3 the children had the chance to play a range of games to develop their maths skills and later they were off, with maps in their hands, looking for number clues!

Year 4 had lots of fun taking part in a game of ‘Backwards Bingo’ and explored using money and calculating change.

Maths Day wasn’t just an indoor event, maths challenge Easter egg hunts were set up as well as an Active Maths orienteering challenge which saw the children racing around the school site in the sunshine solving word problems.

We ended the day with a whole school assembly where each class shared some of the things they had done during the day.

The day really was a celebration of maths and I was delighted to see all the children engaging so positively with their maths learning.

A huge THANK YOU to parents who were able to make a donation on ParentPay to support the day’s activities – there were lots of mathematical clothes on show during the day and some items that were especially decorated for the event!

Also, another huge THANK YOU to all the staff for their hard work in helping to make Maths Day such a success!

Mrs Ferretti

Maths Leader