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How excited were Reception and Nursery to ‘sleepover’ at school, for one hour as part of our fundraising event for EYFS. Dressed in their pyjamas and cuddling their favourite toy, the children worked together to build a story den.  We used lots of different materials, boxes, crates, building blocks and PE equipment to build a cosy space to share a story. After our story time, we sat with our friends with a well earned hot chocolate and cookies. Delicious. The children then chilled and relaxed as they took part in cosmic yoga. The children copied yoga poses and stretched their bodies as the cosmic yoga took us on a ‘bear hunt’. The children followed the instructions so carefully, that at one point you could hear a pin drop they were so engaged and engrossed. Magical Moments.  A selection of pictures below.

Cosmic Yoga Time

Stretching up in cobra pose.

Ready for Bed

Sharing a story

Super proud of his den building skills.


Night Night

Is it morning?

Slumber parties with my friends are the best.

Iggle Piggle and I love sleepovers!