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The #OnlineSafetyAtHome campaign is now coming to an end. The final week activity sheets are intended to help families explore ‘digital family’ life with conversation starters and fun 15-minute activities that help keep children and young people safe while:
Live streaming
Sharing images
Using social media
Download the activity sheets
Even though the campaign is ending, you can still continue to access all of the #OnlineSafetyAtHome resources through our parents and carers website.
New top tips videos for parents and carers
Alongside their video guides, parents and carers can now access new top tips videos through our YouTube channel and website. These 30- to 60-second videos set out simple things that parents and carers can do to keep their child safe while they’re engaging in different online activities such as live streaming and gaming.

Online Safety At Home: simple 15-minute activities to do as a family