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Another week has passed – I hope it has been a happy and healthy one for all our children and families.

It was lovely to receive photos (and some videos!) sharing your ‘stay at home’ VE Day celebrations with us at school. If you have photos you’d like to share, please do send them in. Miss Hulme is hoping to include a section on VE Day in our school magazine.

If you haven’t done so already, please do send in an article or feature to be included in our magazine and remember – we are inviting suggestions for a name for it! Miss Hulme has received one or two entries from children but as yet we do not have enough to put together to create a magazine. Please view the original post here for more information: 

Children – I can’t wait to read what you come up with!


I hope you enjoyed VE Day and took the time to remember the significance of the day. It was even more poignant this year to reflect on the challenging times the nation had been facing 75 years ago. While we continue to live our lives at the moment in very different ways, we can perhaps, in some small way, begin to appreciate the sacrifices made during World War II. It was a rather emotional moment to join the nation in the silence at 11am as well as watching the Red Arrows soar across a silent London following the broadcast of Churchill’s speech at 3pm yesterday.


Our ‘Thank You NHS’ gallery is filling up nicely now – a wonderful way to celebrate the support and appreciation shown by our children for the NHS and Key Workers during the Thursday clap. The gallery can be viewed here If you have any photos you wish to add to the gallery, please send to . (A reminder that by sending a photo you are thereby giving permission for it to be published on the school website.)


I’d like to say well done to all our children who are coping so well during these difficult times. Life for them has changed dramatically and while there may be ups and downs, I am hearing from so many parents how proud they are of their children for adjusting so well, for trying hard with their home learning (most of the time!) and for finding new ways to have fun! We really are so proud of all of our Birches children.


We await Boris Johnson’s announcement tomorrow to see what, if any changes are going to be introduced in the coming days and weeks. Whatever his announcement brings, please do continue to follow the guidance carefully – we have come so far and achieved so much by staying home and reducing the risk. Whilst we are all very keen to ‘get back to normal’, we must do so gradually to ensure a second spike of the virus is avoided.


In the meantime, the sun is shining (for now!) so I hope you all enjoy a happy weekend at home with your families.


Take care and stay safe,

Best wishes,

Mrs Ferretti.