At Birches we strive to broaden horizons, develop children’s critical literacy skills as well as foster an understanding and appreciation of some of the issues we face locally, nationally and globally. As part of this, we subscribe to Picture News. Picture News publish weekly resources, focused around a key issue or event. In school we use these resources to discuss ‘the big question’ during assembly and in follow-up discussions in class. It provides children with a valuable opportunity to consider the viewpoints and opinions of others as well as developing the Fundamental British Values; Individual Liberty, Rule of Law, Democracy, Mutual Respect and Tolerance.

We are delighted to present Picture News at Home, enabling the discussion to continue beyond the school gates. Please click on the links below to view this week’s resources.

Please click here for our letter explaining Picture News in school and at home                        



Picture News Special 3rd June

VE Day Picture News Special

W/C 27/04/20 - Picture News Special - Captain Tom