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As we begin the summer holidays, the home learning provision provided by teachers during the school closure will end. All of the tasks, resources and links uploaded during the school closure period will remain on our website until we return in September. Any children and parents who wish to revisit them may do so if they feel this would be of benefit.

Whilst the children are now on holiday and it is important they (and parents!) have a rest, we are aware that some families might like to keep up a sense of structure and routine and for the children to have a focus during their time at home. Therefore, teachers have planned a set of holiday project grids – one for each week of the holidays should you wish to make use of them. Please note, there is no obligation or expectation around these grids – they are there for families to access if and when they would like to.

The grids are not year group specific, they have been designed with open ended tasks so that families with children of differing ages can take part together. Thank you to the teachers who have worked to put these plans together.

Please click on the links below to view the grids. Links will also be added to the Whole School Letters section on the website.

Happy holidays all!

All Things Bright and Beautiful

The Circus




Ice Cream!