Eco Schools

Birches First School has held the prestigious ‘Green Flag’ since 2003.
It is an integrated and fundamental part of our school ethos.

We care greatly for our school environment and have worked together to make improvements for the benefit of the school community and wildlife.

We always remember that our actions have an impact both on a local and global scale.


The ECO Committee

What do we do?

• Collect different forms of waste for recycling
• Collect rain water for our pond and plants
• Plant, harvest and cook our produce
• Check our energy meter readings from our Solar Panels and monitor water and gas usage in school
• We have planned, designed and made an ECO Hub ‘Outdoor Classroom’
• Collect batteries, pens and ink cartridges for recycling
• Ensure that an ECO ethos is embedded in all we do


Birches children participated in ‘The Clean for the Queen’ campaign. We took to the streets of Codsall collecting litter!



The Year 4 Eco Committee collecting litter from the paths


We collected a staggering 15 bags and reported our findings to the local council.

Last year we were dedicated to improving our school grounds.
The Sensory Garden Area was transformed into ‘The Hub’ an outdoor classroom, where all children enjoy learning outside!



A covered seating area was made with a grass growing roof.



A ‘Mini Beast Hotel’ was made using recycled materials and plants.



Four large totenpoles were carved by a local artist using reclaimed wood.



A willow tunnel was planted and we have used its willow to create pieces of art work in

This year our annual ‘ECO Week’ included lots of new and exciting activities for everyone to take part in.